Dads on Campus (DOCs)

Dads on Campus, aka “DOC” is a unique opportunity to be a positive male role model during the school day. Volunteer. Get involved. Have fun. Everyone wins.

Get ready to positively impact Mariemont kids, get to know what their day is like, meet some of their friends/peers, and (bonus!) learn some new playground games. Showing up for a lunch period and recess (or several, if desired) is all that is required.  

If you already know you want to participate, please start the fingerprinting process. Note: You’ll still need to pick up a fingerprinting form in the main office. Fingerprinting is a free service and is only required to be done once during your child’s tenure at Mariemont. Once fingerprints clear, you will be able to sign up to be a DOC.  

BONUS: Fingerprints will also allow you to chaperone field trips.

For more info, email Alex Ray or Brian Hagen.