Kids Vote 2018: THE RESULTS ARE IN!

Yoga. Homework. Keep Daylight Savings Time. Your Parents. Empathy.

383 Mariemont students* voted in the November 6th “Kids Vote 2018” election.

*not counting Kindergarten


We asked kiddos to answer five questions:

1. Would you be interested in adding yoga once a month to our school day?
—Yes! I love yoga
—No, thanks. I am not a huge fan of yoga and would rather not participate


2. Daylight Savings Time. Keep or get rid of?
—Keep Daylight Savings and adjust our clocks twice a year
—Get rid of Daylight Savings and move to Standard Time, where we do not adjust our clocks


3. Who do you admire the most:
—Your Parents
—Your Teachers
—Your Friends
—Other: _____________


4. Do you view homework as being important in your education?


5. Which Character Trait do you feel is the most important one for Mariemont to focus on?

And the results …


Some pictures from the day …


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