2018 Fall Carnival: Pictures and Thank Yous!

Thank you for making this year’s Fall Carnival the best yet!

We had beautiful weather and an amazing day full of memories and fun.

First and foremost, we must thank our co-chairs for their time, effort, energy, enthusiasm, and undying devotion to making the Fall Carnival the best it can possibly be — this year and for the past several years! THANK YOU to Elizabeth Hastings and Elaine Rubin.

We would also like to thank our Fall Carnival 2018 committee for their immense amount of work and dedication that went into planning and execution of such an epic event. Thank you to:

Lattie Chapman, Lisa Criss, Sharon Dean, Brian Hagen, Fran Hall, Reva Headley, Brenda & Jeremy Kastl, Suzanne Kelly, Nancy McDougall, Rhiannon Porter, Katherine Regan, Rosemary Reynolds, Lori Sato, Mandy Scott, and Tatia Wagner & Jeff Powell.

Also, a huge thanks to this year’s sponsors — ALL SOLD OUT! Thanks to the following:

Finally, be sure to check out the Photo Booth pictures.

Thanks again to Tim Comstock and JJ Mack for sponsoring this year’s Photo Booth!

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