Fall Book Fair Sales One Of Highest EVER

The Book Fair has been a tradition at Mariemont for over a decade. With that in mind, this year’s event was one of the most successful Book Fair in the history of Mariemont Book Fairs!

The $20,200 in merchandise sales generated were ~$1,200 more than last year. Of this total, Mariemont gets 25%, or $5,050. Not bad for a week’s worth of work*.

*Actually, there was more than just the week of the Book Fair. Months of planning, hours of volunteer time before, during, and after Book Fair Week, and so on and so on.

An enormous Mariemont THANK YOU to our amazing volunteers who made this Book Fair and Grand Lunch, one of the smoothest, well-organized, and pleasant events we have ever hosted.


Jenny Allen, Betsey Astle, Monica Baumbach, Megan Canfield, Sara Cooke, Kelly Cruchley, Andrea D’Amico, Beth Del Real, Leticia Farris-Dickinson, Mike Graffigna, Liz Gettys, Anne Glanzer, Brian Hagen, Anya Hall, Breann Handlin, Reva Headly, Heather Hendricks, Becky Hickey, Jennifer Irish, Ya-yin Isle, Viktoria Jeremiah, Brenda Kasti, Kaitlyn Ketsdever, Stephanie Ketsdever, Mary Little, Sylvia Little, Ellen Martin, Phil Martin, Jeff Milde, Kristin McVicar, Brannan Millard, Sarah Mossman, Sarah Mullins, Katie Parish, Valerie Pereira, Alison Ramey, Alex Ray, Rosemary Reynolds, Jessica Richards, Jackie Robbins, Amy Salvatori, Mindy Salvetti, Rob Sakowitz, Mandy Scott, Heidi Taghavian, Julie Tait, Tatia Wagner, DJ Waldow, Gianna Wheeler, Courtney Whitson, Shannon Wilson, and Wendy Ziegler

And a special thank you to our alums: Laura Lehrer and Kari Ludington.

We hope that your students enjoy the books they purchased as well as the ones that will be in the library!

Your Book Fair Co-Chairs,
Elizabeth Hastings, Jennifer Laing, Catherine McGough, Nicole Martin, and Elaine Rubin

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